Jan Windglows, Janhette Windglows, James Morgan/Micheal Jenkins, Mike Cahill, Kim Thraser, Matlilda Summerfield: Bloodlustandlovespells, Angleic Fields Tacoma Washington


Complaint: Jan Windglows aka Queen Lilith Scam Artist and Criminal Charles Masson Worshipper and Follower, Voodoo and Black Magic Satan loves you. Daughter of Satan. Jan Windglows worships Satan. Satan owns your soul and you are out trolling for more souls for Satan. Hell has a special place for you. Read the Internet the word is out no body is going to “buy”” your phony spells for $ 1000 or your cohorts for $ 500. You promise to send a Spell Sheet and photo of your “”spells”” and deliver nothing

Tags: Cult Organizations

Address: you keep the money and then try to gouge your stupid followers for more money as the “”Divinity hasn’t granted the spell”” The Devil will never grant anything. He wants other souls He obviously has your soul

Website: Kim Thraser

Phone: Jan Windglows. EVIL. BE careful Jan Windglows does not work alone. Other members of her cult are James Morgan aka as Michael Jenkins

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