Jan Zemplenyi, M.D. Review


Had a facelift 9 months ago with Dr. Jan Zemplenyi, Bellevue, WA. My facelift results are horrific. Part of my ear (the tragus) was completely cut off on one side and instead of doing a fat grafting procedure which he suggested doing because my face was thin, he removed part of my buccal (cheek) fat or tissue creating a large divot on my cheek which causes my face on one side to look like a skeleton. He pulled one side of my face extremely tight and left one side loose and saggy. I have contacted him to try to get my money of $9,800 back so that I can use it to hopefully have a facial plastic surgeon help me with this disfigurement, as I saved all that money on that facelift and that was my savings. He was very defensive towards me every time I came in, saying things like, “Just be glad you are thin”, then he admitted that he pulled the left side of my face tighter than the right because he is left-handed, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It has been 9 months of sheer pain and self-consciousness. He charged me more for a slight revision which did not help, then charged an additional $1,175 for injections to try to “fix” these hollows. He was neglectful and I had to go to my PMD to get antibiotics for an infection that occured in my ear from the facelift. When I complained of pain on that ear, he injected me with Kenalog. He has made my life unbearable and I have written him letters wanting my money back that are just ignored. Do not trust your face with this Dr. Jan Zemplenyi, I look so much worse than I could have ever imagined.

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