Jane Hall Brooklyn New York


Complaint: Monday 7-1-2013 I was walking in the vicinity of DMV Brooklyn when a tall large white woman exit with security assistance she say in a low tone James want me to help her (?) who is she (?) I did not reply I have had several disturbing incidence involving Jane Hall and her daughter Kim Hall and I do not know them – I am aware Mrs Hall has been with James Hall for years and their daughter was born 1963 I had the understanding James married Shirley Ann Bishop 1976 and our personal relationship 1966-1976 ended at that time only involvement our son born 1968 whom recently he state ‘he kept Dre all those years and Sam Carter didn’t leave him any money’

Tags: Disability Services

Address: 4201 Cathedral Ave NW 504E Washington, Dist of Columbia USA


Phone: 202-363-0547

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