Janet Allen Smith – King George, Virginia Virginia


My ex husband Donald Smith was in the secret service… he was working the Olympics in Utah 2002. He was away for a month and had an affair with Janet Marie Allen. Not his first and not her’s either. She followed him back to Virgina. She knew he was married with two small children but she didn’t care. She moved in to an apartment right down the road from our home. Once I had legal proof of the affair, I confronted my husband. I told him he could go stay with her. He didn’t want to, but he no longer had that choice. He didn’t want the secret service to know either, but again…I was done. My ex had to move in with her because he had no where else to go… they are two adulterers  who are now married and she has done nothing but cause conflict between my ex and I over our daughters. Janet Allen Smith in King George, Virginia is a HOMEWRECKER… I just found this website and even though it has been several years since all this happened, it is still nice to call a homewrecker out for their actions.

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