Janet Johnson – Lakeville, Minnesota Minnesota


I recently found out that my husband of 12 years had an affair with this woman for a few weeks last year. He was the maintenance guy at the rental townhouses that she lives in with her boyfriend and two kids. Her boyfriend works during the day so she would put in ridiculous work orders and then she would do things like answer the door in only a bathrobe, send her kids to the pool with a friend so they were alone, and tell my husband how amazing he was, how handsome he was….My husband and I had just had our 4th child, our baby was 2 months old. So it’s safe to say we hadn’t been intimate in some time and were very disconnected as a couple as life was really stressful. He ended it when she started talking like he was going to be a daddy to her kids. My husband changed jobs and months later she still would text him to try to set up “play dates” for our sons who are in the same class. When my husband finally admitted the affair out of guilt, she immediately threatened to “talk to your wife”. She is a nasty person and the definition of white trash. My husband is a pig for ever allowing himself to be tempted and betraying his family, but she preyed on him. She knew about me, knew about our kids, knew about our family. And I am positive that she does this to other wives/girlfriends men too. So if you live at Southfork Townhomes, or your kids go to school with her kids like mine do….well, here’s your warning: BEWARE OF HOMEWRECKER.

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