Janicee Bulik – Chicago, Illinois Illinois


So most people know Janicee Bulik, but this is the truth and not her lies. So basically after her boyfriend left her after she had her baby two years ago, I found out a year ago that she slept with someone’s boyfriend at her mothers house with her child there. Her baby daddy had another lady, but that didn’t stop This sex crazed home wrecker from banging him and another woman’s man at the same time. She claimed to be in love with him even though she was still having sex with the baby daddy. She called him daddy too and sadly she calls even guy’s she f*cks daddy and makes her daughter meet them right after sex, “like here’s your daddy.” She’s honestly disgusting and a horrible person for lying to everyone about what she did. She told the guy with the girlfriend to leave, so they could be together instead. Not even months later she had a new guy then weeks later another guy. She used this man so horribly and lied to him and cheated on him with her baby daddy. After she got kicked out of her mothers house, he took her in and basically paid everything for her. When they finally broke up she said he was a horrible person, but days later she was back with her baby daddy. Now she acts like she is so perfect and that she never did anything so terrible. Seriously watch out for her she is dirty and wants you to cum in her and hell she’ll call you daddy too. That’s all she cares about is sex and herself. I really want to expose her so if you can help me that would be so awesome.. show this Homewrecker what she deserves for lying to everyone! Disloyal and disrespectful!

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