Janiczek Wealth Management


Pathetic Services 

I have been working with Janiczek Wealth Management for quite some time and I can assure you that they arenít worth your money. Those people will make you regret your decision whenever they get the chance. The reason why I donít recommend working with them is their terrible service. The advisors at Janiczek Wealth Management donít give sufficient time to their clients. I feel as if these people donít care about my finances at all. 

Because they charge a lot for their services, I thought they would be excellent service providers. However, it was a mistake to expect such services from these people. In fact, I would argue that these people shouldnít even be in the finance industry. They donít know how important a client is. Getting a meeting with my advisor is a nightmare here. One time, they made me wait for a long time past the appointment time for no reason. After that, they didnít even bother to apologize to me. It just showed me how selfish and careless they are. 

You donít expect your financial advisor to waste your time like this. Moreover, you certainly donít expect them to make you wait for what seemed like hours when you arrive on time!

Never Listen To Me 

The biggest problem I have with the advisors at Janiczek Wealth Management is they never listen to me. Whether itís a meeting or a phone call, my advisor makes it seem like Iím wasting their time. Itís very annoying and makes me feel as if Iím not respected at this firm. Imagine feeling disrespected by someone you pay a lot every month. Itís certainly not something you expect from your financial advisor. Thatís a big reason why I donít think people should bother hiring Janiczek Wealth Management. Itís a waste of money to pay these people. 

Because of these people, I started hating money management. The thing is, I donít know much about investing myself but I want to make sure that I make smart financial decisions. Thatís a big reason why I hired a financial advisor. I didnít want to risk my wealth. However, I had no idea that financial advisors treat their clients so horribly. Itís like they donít care whether they have my account or not. Before working with these people I was under the impression that financial advisors care a lot about their clients. It was very surprising to discover otherwise. 

During meetings, my financial advisor at Janiczek Wealth Management acts very arrogantly. I wonít name who that is because I respect their privacy. But let me assure you, they are among the rudest people I have ever worked with, and I have worked with plenty of people in my career. They donít listen to me when I tell them about my financial goals and aspirations. Instead, they make it seem as if that Iím always wrong and I shouldnít think up my own goals. Itís obvious that my advisor at Janiczek Wealth Management doesn’t respect me. They think itís okay to treat their client like a donkey. I have also noticed that my advisor keeps making me feel stupid. They act very arrogantly and rudely. 

Donít Work With Janiczek Wealth Management 

If you have any self-respect, you wouldnít want to work with Janiczek Wealth Management. Working with these people was a huge mistake. Because of these people, I stopped caring about my finances which is the opposite of what I wanted. In fact, I started avoiding money talk because I didnít want to meet with my financial advisor. No one deserves such horrible service, especially from their financial advisor!

In conclusion, I donít recommend working with Janiczek Wealth Management or anyone from that firm. Youíd be better off spending that money on yourself or on learning about finance. There are plenty of fish in the sea. 

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