Janie L. Alton – Erwin, Tennessee Tennessee


Everyone in Johnson City knows Janie L. Alton is a BDSM slore and has slept around on her husband so many times its ridiculous. Her husband Reed Alton keeps taking her back and has no idea that she is still seeing her last boyfriend behind his back. She recently bragged to one of her friend Haley recently that she has had several partners over the last few months and is hooked on gangbangs and even now enjoys sex with other females in three ways. Janie is nothing but a cheap piece of trash and has been on several slut sites like fetlife, swinger lifestyle.com just to name a few. Her current boyfriend that is a local physician had to recently take her to Knoxville for a chemical abortion when he knocked her up. If her stupid husband Reed does not wake up soon she will leave him with a present that he will have to live with for life.

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