Janine Nicolas Brown – Colorado Sprongs, Colorado Colorado


Janine Nicolas Brown, Colorado Springs, Colorado has been posted to crappybossreport.com in the category of workplace infidelity. I introduce to you, Home Wrecking extraordinaire, JANINE NICOLAS BROWN! She is a super duper Home Wrecker. She wrecked her OWN home. She is a Philippine Home Wrecker! She was married to an amazing man for many, many years. A man who loved her and gave her a great life, and 5 wonderful kids. He catered to her, he took care of her, he did everything for her. However this homewrecker wrecked it all up, and LOVES to place the blame on the new wife. She is the only one to blame for the loss of her ex husband! It appears that now she just sits at home and continues doing her same old habits that made her ex no longer want to remain married to her. She is a shopaholic who LOOOOVES to spend lots of money on junk. Her ex bailed her out of massive credit card debt, to the tune of $80,000! Yes folks, $80,000! You may wonder what she bought for $80,000, and the answer is NOTHING. Just junk. In my opinion her house is piled high with junk, Amazon shopping is her addiction. Her other addiction is eating sweets. Anything sweet. candy, cakes, brownies, sugary drinks, ANYTHING sweet. Maybe she should use the gym membership that she pays $200 a month for, meanwhile she sits at home and is always complaining to her ex husband about being BROKE and needing more money. “ I need MORE from you, Mr. ATM machine… MORE!” It’s just never ending with this woman. She has a beautiful new home that she just bought, she gets AMAZING financial support from her ex husband to the tune of $3,000+ per month, yet shes always begging for MORE. The ex husband has half custody of their 5 kids and is so super hands on with them. While he is working, she can be found napping, shopping online, baking sugary desserts, and she calls that “working”. Apparently being a Stay at home mom was her goal, and he gave her that life, and she messed it up. She couldn’t even do THAT! She rarely made him a dinner, and when he came home and asked what was to eat, her reply was normally, “my parents left some fish head soup, or day old eggrolls on the counter for you.” SHE COULDNT EVEN COOK FOR HER HUSBAND! He didn’t ask much from her besides for her to cook, keep a clean house and care for the kids. She instead, didn’t do those things and racked up major credit card debt, over and over and over again. She’s also done a great job at turning his kids against him, why… because they got divorced. (A no fault mutual divorce, might I add) yet she LOVES to tell everybody “HE LEFT ME FOR A BAD BAD TERRIBLE WOMAN! SHES THE DEVIL!” She takes zero responsiblity for what SHE did to ruin her marriage, the ex husband has told her time and time again what she did wrong, and she keeps choosing to ignore it and continues placing blame on the new wife. She is CONSTANTLY harrassing the new wife, and plays games, like planting panties and tampons in the ex husbands clothing so the new wife can find it and think they are having an affair. SORRY WOMAN, YOU ARENT FOOLING ANYONE BUT YOURSELF! I mean WOW! It’s so sad that her friends keep telling her “HE WILL COME BACK TO YOU, HE WILL REGRET LEAVING YOU!” Actually far from it, the ex husband wants nothing to do with Janine. He’s so happy with his new life. If he’s so bad like you tell everyone, why not just change your last name back to your maiden name? Why Carry BROWN still? He has a new Mrs. Brown and she is gorgeous, successful and has his beautiful baby girl. Why continue making such drama for everyone? Folks, please reach out to Janine Nicolas Brown, encourage her to stop the sugar. She’s on Facebook as Janine Nicolas Brown, shes on Instagram as LularoeJanineBrown. Text her. Find her a new man so she can get over this divorce that she’s still hanging on to. She lives in Colorado Springs, CO. She works for a company called W3PR, and “works” from home. You can find her napping on the couch much of those “work days” however. So go ahead, reach out to her, ask her out on a date, but beware of your bank account.

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