Jaqueline Budriunas – Newbury Park, California California


This girl Jaqueline Budriunas aka “Jackie” is one waste of a human. I don’t think she should ever be trusted by anyone, especially in a relationship!! She ruined a 6 year relationship between me and ex- fiance because of her manipulative lies… she’s a low life drunk who can’t control herself. My ex- fiance  and her worked together at one point, they had a little fling where she became too attached after he called it quits. She would call my house drunk saying the weirdest things ever to him while on speaker. At one point she stated she was carrying his baby and if he didn’t return to her she would end her life and baby. That clearly tells you she is emotional & mentally ill for even saying such a thing which ended up being a big fat lie. I strongly agree that he was also at fault for evening starting the fling while being in a relationship with me. This woman is capable of lying and being manipulative to get what she wants, also a low life drunk so BEWARE OF THIS CRAZY ONE! She really needs psychiatric help and a good AA support. Please be careful with your man and even if you have any relationship with her she’s very BIPOLAR!

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