Jared Galleria of Jewelry Arvada Colorado Review


I would never do any business with this company again as their sales people will say anything to make a sale. I recently purchased a gold chain bracelet for my wife which at the time of purchace I knew would be a little to loose. I expressed my concern about this and was told “No problem just come back anytime and we will shorten it for her””. When we returned to the store to have it adjusted we were informed they would not do this unless we paid an additional fee (some where around $35). I would be very carefull about buying anything from Jared and make sure you get every minor detail in writing because they will not stand behind anything thier sales people say. In fact it is just safer to avoid them alltogether. Also be aware of thier policy about defective merchandise

if you do not purchace thier insurance policy at an additional 30% and something you buy literally falls apart the second time its worn they will not fix or replace anything even though it was clearly defective. You can actually have something they sold fixed by another jeweler for less than thier added on fees.”

9210 Sheridan Blvd Westminstr, Colorado USA


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