Jasmine Marie McNelly – Mesa, Arizona Arizona


Meet Jasmine Marie McNelly. She has attempted multiple times to try to make her way into my marriage. She sends dirty photos and swears she and my husband had a kid together (before my husband and I started our relationship). Jasmine states that she gave the kid up for adoption. She initially told my husband she had an abortion. Now she sends random pictures of a kid and of herself. Jasmine was married-her husband says there was never another child besides the one he had with Jasmine. She contacted my husband then. Most recently she reached out to my husband when her current boyfriend got incarcerated. Jasmine immediately tried hooking up with my husband. She thinks of herself as a professional. She worked as a medical assistant and is now in nursing school and MCC. She posts on facebook that she loves her man, but she messages my husband saying she’s lonely and loves him.

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