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I met Jason in April 2004. We started dating and things moved fast. Too fast. Within the first month, I was pregnant. I had a 3 year old from a previous relationship. Once I found out I was pregnant, we moved in with his parents. Things were rough. Jason was in school and I was working full time. My baby was born February 1st. Love of my life. 13 days after he was born, I was laying in bed with him cuddling. Jason walked in with these big balloons and flowers and a card. It was Valentine’s Day. When I open the card, there was a tiny envelope attached to the inside. I pulled out a little piece of paper that said ‘marry me?’ Once I saw that, jason knelt down next to me and pulled something out from under the bed. A little black box. He opened it. It was a beautiful engagement ring. The most beautiful I’d ever seen. Because it was mine. It wasn’t jam packed with huge flashy diamonds. It had one beautiful diamond on a simple sterling silver band. I was ecstatic. Things were going well. We’d been looking at homes in the Gahanna area so our kids could go to school there. In 2008, after Jason had graduated as a radiology technologist and had an amazing paying job at Mt Carmel Hospital, we bought our first home. It was perfect. Great neighborhood. Great schools. I loved my house. It was my first house. MINE!! Not a rental. || For the first couple of years, things were amazing. Bumpy, but good. All relationships hit rough waters and that’s the point of the relationship, to bind together and head through it. I started to notice some weird things. He was acting secretive and texting (he had her number under a guys name in his phone) and secret calls and emails and being avoidant. So I snooped. Surprise surprise. He’d been talking to a girl who he went to school with but now lives in Texas. Only texting for like a week, hadn’t seen each other in a decade and were already throwing the ‘I love you’s’ around. I found out she was planning a trip to Ohio specifically to be with him. I packed up my shit, my kids clothes, and my kids and left to my kids Nana’s house. I was there for maybe a week or two and he begged me and the boys to come home. He said he told her it was over and that he loved me and wanted me back. So back I came. She still made the trip to Ohio but spent it with other friends and actually wound up marrying Jason’s best friend. I’m friends with her now. She told me Jason told her so many lies. Told her that me and him had been split up for a long time and that I’d moved out a long time ago. Which was bullshit. I was there. He was still f*cking me until I got a weird feeling that something wasn’t right. That’s when I left. I won’t mention her name since she’s actually a good person that almost fell into his web of lies. But the other names I will mention. So after that BIG bump, things were rough but we were both fighting our way thru it. Things were good for a while. I was still upset. But he would say exactly what I wanted to hear and things were getting better. He’s a pro when it comes to lying. So fast forward a few years. His best friend has since divorced the previous girl and is dating a girl named Allison Williams. They come over to our house to hang out and I can immediately tell that she’s a skank. She’s getting all buddy buddy with Jason with her boyfriend right next to her!! Nothing too intense happened that night. But I started noticing he was always on the laptop. Always. I get on one day and find they’d been instant messaging on Facebook. And chatting about things that people in relationships should be talking about. || Her saying she had someone tell her that she has the best pussy he’d ever had and Jason replying that he wished he could see for himself what it was all about. Her saying she’s about to get in the shower and Jason replying that he wished he were there just so he could watch her shower. I confronted Jason and told him me or that. Of course he chose me. So he told her and then deleted her on Facebook. Some time later I get a message from her saying she did nothing wrong and that she had a man and just wanted to be our friends. Yeah… Ok. Dumb bitch. So she’s gone. Very short lived but still a huge deal in my eyes. Things are rough again. We went to counseling a bit. We were really working on making a happy family. Things were still bumpy but good. Fast forward to 2012. We were having a hard time financially so Jason decided to take on a second job. He found a job at Highland MRI at Polaris Mall. His manager, Kelly Clouser, hired him in with great pay. I remember that day. He called me so excited about it. It’d help so much to bring money to the table right now. I was so proud of him. He only worked there on Saturdays from 8-noon. But it was going to help tremendously. When he first started, he had to train for a few weeks for the 8 hour shift. Who trained him? You got it! Kelly Clouser. I didn’t think much of it. She was married with a kid and an old hag… Like 10 years older than us. But I started noticing nonstop texting. || So I looked at our phone records and hundreds of texts a day!! Hundreds. Between Jason and Kelly. The last straw for me was when he told me he was going out with some friends after work to drink and that they’d probably crash at a hotel or something so no one had to drive drunk. But then I found out he’d actually used our bill money to take the bitch to the Hilton for the night. Wine and dine her. They were telling each other that they were ‘The One’ and soul mates and I love you and all that bullshit. Just after a few weeks of texting. Nothing more. At the time, she still lived with her husband and daughter and me and Jason still lived together. I didn’t leave that night. I waited a few days and while he was at work, I got a couple of friends, rented a U-haul, and completely gutted the house. All the furniture, beds, clothes, kitchen appliances, everything. Even the food. Took it to a storage unit and there it sat. Then I took me and my boys to Nana’s again. We were there for maybe a few months before the begging started again. He told her he wanted his family back and that she was a mistake. Yes. We went home. He’s so manipulative and so good with knowing exactly what to say to get to me. So we’re home now. And this Kelly bitch is relentless. At this point, she’s left her husband and daughter and has her own place now. She’s pissed cuz she did what Jason wanted her to do but he didn’t. He keeps telling her he’s with me and that won’t change. She gets mad. Throws a tantrum. And disappears for a bit. But then shows back up out of the blue weeks later acting like it never happened. Btw, I actually had her posted on here a few years ago. But she paid to have it taken down. || Anyways, Constant texting between 2013 and up to recently. He always said it was just work talk and bullshit talk. Nothing more. I know. I know. I’ll hear ‘you’re stupid for believing that!’ ‘You’re stupid for going back again!!’ ‘You’re stupid for falling for his lies’. I know this. I do. But I was in love with him. We bought a house. 2 kids. A dog. And it was always perfect when we were all 4 together. So now we’re at the present. Woohoo! I found out he’d been texting both Kelly Clouser and Tonia Campbell Jones at the same time. At the time, Kelly was engaged to and so in love with her new fiancÚ. Jason begged, begged, begged Kelly to leave her fiancÚ and be with him. But she shot him down quick. So he gave up and went with his back up plan. this was when he latched on to his new skank, Tonia Campbell Jones. Another married with kids old hag. 10 years older than us. Probably hitting menopause soon if pill popping and her alcoholic tendencies don’t kill her ass first. Jason did the same routine, told her he was miserable with me and that I was bat shit crazy and a liar and to never talk to me. Mind you, this is the same shit he’s telling me about her. Same thing he told Kelly, too. Because he knows if any of us ever did talk, his lies would unravel. I read the stuff he was telling her and not any of it was even close to the truth. He likes to make himself look like the good guy that’s being abused by a mean bitch (me) so that they feel sorry for him and hate me. It was the same shit, hundreds of texts a day. Hundreds. But it was only at work because they had to come home to their ‘significant others’ after that. No idea how they got any work done. Get this, Jason is her boss. She’s the big bad department secretary of radiology and he’s the manager of the department. The whole time, he’s telling me there’s nothing going on, he’s just talking to friends and we’d still fuck. The day I left was a complete repeat. On our payday, he withdrew $400 from our joint bank acct which was supposed to be bill money. The night before this, I ran to the grocery store to get food for me and the kids and he texted me saying ‘only spend $20. The rest we need to put towards bills’. He’d told me that his department was having a going away thing for a coworker that was leaving and that they were all going to be drinking so they decided to all pitch in on a room so no one had to drive. I find out he’s actually taking Tonia to the Hilton for the night and wine and dine then 69 her. Sound familiar? Same thing he did with Kelly Clouser. I packed up the bare necessities like clothes and toothbrushes and shower stuff, my kids and my dog, and moved in with my best friend 2 1/2 hours away from Columbus. || On my way out of town, while he was enjoying his Hilton hotel room, I drained our joint bank account. He wasn’t too happy about that. Once he simmered down from all that, he went back to finding ways to reel me in. Telling me he wasn’t seeing anyone anymore and that she was just a horse faced mistake. I’d come to the house to get more of my stuff and he’d say everything I wanted to hear and eventually we’d wind up in bed. I’d leave. We’d fight. Then a few days he’d ask me to come talk with him face to face. I’d go and cry and he’d use my crying as a way to comfort me and hold me and say everything I wanted to hear and eventually lead me upstairs to ‘rest’ for a minute. We’d fuck. Then I’d leave. This went on for weeks and weeks. And I learn the entire time everything is still on with the bitch, too! When I’m not there, she is. I’d find long nasty fried blonde hairs on MY hair brush. Even in our bedroom, I still have tons of my shit there. A stack of girly sweaters on top of my dresser, jewelry, my boots laying around. And she’d still come right on in and fuck away on my bed. Then get up and use my brush on her nappy fried hair. Bitch has no shame. I grabbed that brush and threw it away. Yuck. When I found out he was doing us both, I sent her a message telling her so. Chicken shit. No reply. And I’m sure Jason told her I made it up and she believed him. Hell, I even sent her actual screenshots of him asking me for naked pics but it made no difference to her. She’s too brainwashed at this point, if she even had a brain in the first place. I obviously lost all my common sense when I started dating him because I’ve let him do this to me repeatedly. When we first got together, he told me his last relationship was horrible. That his girlfriend was a monster and treated him like shit and cheated on him tons and left him broken hearted. I felt sorry for him. That was 13 years ago. Not too long ago I contacted Sara and asked her. She was horrified and pissed. She said she did leave him broken hearted but it was because she was tired of him cheating on her and treating her like shit. I wish I would’ve asked her in the beginning. Then I woulda walked away before he had the chance to destroy me. My biggest mistake was giving him a second chance years and years ago. And then a third. And then a fourth. But it’s difficult when you’ve invested your entire being into your family and home. And I would believe his lies over and over. Telling myself maybe this time he really meant it. I was stupid and naive and assumed the best of people. I always thought people could change. Jason can’t. Not even if he wanted to. His past and even his present actions show that. He lies to get what he wants regardless of the harm he knows it’ll cause. Jason likes total control. He made it so that I pushed all my friends and family away. He made it so that I never went out without him. In 13 years, I can count on one hand the amount of times I went out without him and each time guaranteed a big fight and my self esteem being beaten down more. But it was ok for him to go out with his friends whenever and wherever he wanted. Though I knew how fucked up it was, I was ok with it. I’m not a social butterfly that enjoys crowded load bars and drunks. || Anytime I did go out with him, it was so he’d have a designated driver so he could drink and have fun. We always went out with his friends. And only his friends. Never any of mine. He’d want control over who I talk to or who I text. Everything eventually turned into his way or the highway. Even with stupid things like picking a movie to watch. Any of my suggestions were stupid. The music I liked was stupid. Any tv shows I wanted to watch were stupid. Fun fun fun. I think they deserve each other. And I hope they’re together for a long long time. They’ll never trust each other. They both cheated in order to get together. Plus Jason is just naturally paranoid and always assumed I was cheating (for the record, I never did. Not once). There’ll always be accusations and doubts and more and more lies on top of lies. But he knows just as well as I do, that once the ‘excitement’ wears off and the ugliness starts oozing out of their pores, that it’ll happen. Not maybe. But a guarantee. There’ll always be someone new. Jason gets bored quick. And he never stops his constant search for a shiny new hole he can poke. It’s just who he is. Sara thought she could change him, I thought I could change him, Kelly thought she could change him. He can’t even change himself. It’s who he is and what he does. A professional lying, manipulative, controlling, cheating waste of space on earth who is convinced he’s gods gift to women. I attached a picture of me and him. Please include the link that will attach this to the post written about Tonia Campbell Jones.>

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