Jason’s Last Minute Moving Review


I hired this company to help me pack a U-Haul truck prior to a move. During the packing of the truck, one of movers stepped on the top of a bookcase and completely destroyed it. The employee admitted to this by pointing out to me and my brother what he had done, and he apologized. I contacted the owner and sent him photos at the time. He said he was ex-military and would do the right thing. He told me to get estimates on the repair and get back to him after I moved. Well, at the other end of the move a few things became clear. (1) The bookcase was completely destroyed and would cost around $600-$700 to repair. (2) My roll-top desk, which had no furniture pads placed on it, despite the fact that the movers left ~15 pads unused, had a huge gouge in the top, which cost me $320 to have fixed. (3) My office desk had a piece of the veneer sliced off as well as a large number of dings, which cost $360 to repair. (4) Other items were damaged in the original packing as well including a microwave. I tried to be reasonable with the owner. Even though the damage has over 2K, I only asked for $500. After I sent him the receipt for the work and the estimates, the owner kept stringing me along, asking for more information, saying he would call me, etc. I hired Jason’s Last Minute Moving through MovingHelp.com who has a policy of not accepting comment after a certain point. It was after that point that the owner stopped being reasonable about the matter, and our communications have ceased. I want to file a lawsuit against him, but I can’t find any official mailing address for the business other than a UPS box number, which he lists as an office suite. In his advertising it is not obvious that his suite number is in fact a box number. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. My recommendation is not to do business with this guy. I consider him to be dishonest and his practices to be deceptive, and shady. If you run into any problems with your move, you are out of luck.

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