Jatziri Mendez – Bolingbrook, Illinois Illinois


Disgusting home wrecker has sex with my partner of 12 years, and the father of my 2 sons , after knowing him less than a month. He was her boss and used the “problems in my relationship” line to get into her pants (not that it’s too hard she had just finished sleeping with another coworker and hadn’t even been divorced 6 months herself). I felt sorry for her because she’s young (33 my husband is 45) and not very smart. I assumed he manipulated her. WRONG!’ I found a Facebook messages where he told her he had hurt too many people (after I caught him hiding and talking to her on the phone in my daughter’s room and then he quick deleted EVERYTHING on his phone lol) and she replied how he’s her “true love” and they are meant to be together and signed it “forever your girl”. There’s exactly a zero percent chance I’ll ever take back that lying dog, but she needs to have some consequences for her part. I’m making sure her bosses know she’s not legal to work in the United States and I’m filing a claim against her for alienation of affection ( nice we have it in Illinois) I’ll make sure I shine a bringht spotlight on this sneaky rat.

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