Java Trim Diet – Novapointe Miami Florida Review


I received an email on 15 June 2006 confirming my order. I wrote them back and stated I did not order and to cancel anything. Soon after that I received a call from “Ivy”” who at first refused to give me her name

and stil refused to give her last name and title. The call was to tell me I could not cancel and that her collection rate was 97%. She told me I would pay. Mind you

I still had not received any product just a confirmation of an order! She stated I placed the order on 11 June 2006 and that the time by law had pasted to cancel the order. She assured me even if I refused or returned the product the full amount would be collected. nMy information would be forwarded to a collection agency and reported to the Credit Report Companies. nI have received over 30 emails from both Java and Novapointe. I returned the package 22 June 2006 via UPS 3 Day to the address on the package

since they refused to supply a return address. I did request a signature and proof of delivery. nJanetnMiami


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