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Complaint: Let me start off by saying, that when I went to this company I thought it was a good choice, boy was I wrong. I bought 2001 hyundai accent after everything was done it came to about 10,000, the car is only worth about 4,000. I had to put the 250.00*2 when i first bought it them my monthly payment of 155.28. Well the first month I had it in the shop twice then after that it seemed like it was every month i was in there. Engine light kept coming on, they changed the timing belt in it oil leak and had to rebuild the transmission in it. It was trouble plus i had to pay 50.00 everytime i took it in. Well last week i was in a car accident and the insurance Totaled the car, I did have Gap insurance but it only payed 25% of the cost of the car. Well now that I have paid JD Byrider 310.00 for the past 20 months and my insurance paid them 2,299.20 plus the gap of 699.80. and my down payment. I said I was paying them anymore for the car. Now they wont stop calling me wanting another 3,180 for a car that was worth only 3500. Now I’m not sure what to do. I know that they gave the title to the car to the insurance company, but they still want my money. If anyone knows anyone that has went through this please let me know. I need help to settle this. Thank you. Stephanie Ashland, OhioU.S.A.

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Address: 4th Street Mansfield, Ohio U.S.A.



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