Jdbyrider Mckeesport Pennsylvania


Complaint: I got a personal loan for $6111.00 from my credit union,they mailed check jdbyrider received it April 24,2015 plus deducted monthly payment from my account and I have never missed a payment. I asked them about my refund they said they owed Me $187.00 from the $6111.00. what about the April deduction from my checking account. Plus they sent the title to my credit union and sent me my payoff contract. I called jdbyrider asking for the month of April payoff. They told me $5925.00. I took a personal loan for$6111.00 from my Credit Union. My credit union mailed the check and they received it April 24,2015. They also deducted $338.00 car payment from my checking account for the month of April. After I realized it in May I called and asked them why would they charge me when I paid the payoff. I told them they have to reimburse me and they said they only owe me $187.00 refund from the $6111.00 toward the $5925.00 payoff. How is that fair I never missed a payment with them.

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: Nationwide USA

Website: jdbyrider.com/


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