JDS Auto Clearance Outlet and Keith Cristal powder springs Georgia


Complaint: The owner is a complete butthole and moron. There is nothing discounted or clearance priced about the junk they sell. 28% interest rate and ridiculous down payments. They steal from customers taking your hard earned money just to get you into their raggady cars that break down days later. They leave you stranded with no transporation and act like they never told you they would fix things that were wrong with your car when you bought it. They put this stuff in writing but its not worth the paper they write it on. The sales manager is unprofessional and a liar. They have the whole scam on lock from the car lot to the insurance man to the repair shop. Keeping the whole ripoff in the family and friends. The insurance is over priced and they make you get insurance you don’t even need for the type of car you are buying. They know you are going to get mad and frustrated and give them their car back on don’t make your payments because of the problems. They try to get all this money down from you upfront. They make big money on the insurance. They tell you they will fix problems then the repair shop can never get you in to do the work or they never fix it. Its a big scam to take your money. You think you have a second chance and a good car but they know they are not right and you will be back mad. Then they just take the car and resell it to another sucker repeating this same cycle over and over. Do not buy your wife or kids a car from this place. You will regret it.

Tags: Auto Dealers

Address: 72 Atlanta Street Marietta, Georgia United States of America


Phone: 7706939019

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