Jeannie Johnston – Goldsboro, North Carolina North Carolina


This fine piece of white trailer trash took a happy man who was helping raise his children and turned him into a dead beat drug addict like herself. She turned him to drugs, heroin, cocaine, meth, whatever. You name it this hooker will do it. I met Jeannie thru the Salvation Army where she was receiving can goods and free clothing for her kids (that dont even live with her) She gave a sad story about being homeless and how her ex had thrown her and her kids out in the streets with little of their belongings. Stated that her ex was very abusive and had severely beaten her on numerous occasions and feared having to return to him for shelter. I made the mistake of allowing her to sleep on my couch for a short period of time. Once in my home she wasted no time smoking and shooting up drugs in my bathroom and relentlessly trying to sleep with my husband. Sadly, for him he fell into her trap and also became a junkie. Leaving two kids to defend for themselves. ALL MEN BEWARE OF THIS WOMAN while in my home she admitted to cheating on her ex numerous times, leaving her kids unattended at night while everyone was asleep to prostitute herself for pills and meth and at one point contracted herpes from one of her dealers. Again this is ALL facts straight from her mouth. She will need another man for his money that she can drag down before too longÖ. I pray the next one isnít as STUPID as my now EX!

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