Jeddith Gonzalez – Chula Vista, California California


This woman Jeddith Gonzalez is the lowest of the low, the worst kinds. she’s been meeting guys off dating sites, bars, who knows where else she’s been meeting them while having a boyfriend at the same time… Plays with men and gets their hopes up and only hangs out with them if they are gonna spend money on her or take her out to eat. Basically a manipulative piece of trash. She had the nerve to lie about her life and not mention anything about the fact that she’s in a relationship. She lied and told me about how she only likes younger guys, and nothing older or near her age, but she’s out there fking and making out with lots of guys. Just truly a sick woman. If you are in San Diego, Chula Vista or Tijuana and you see her, STAY AWAY FROM HER, SHES NOT SOMEONE YOU WANT TO KNOW.

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