Jeff Morton Austin Texas


Complaint: Jeff was recomended to me by a friend as he was working multiple jobs and seemed to be working a good crew and his son Adam came through for the initial walkthrough. That was the highlight of this situation. I told Jeff that he had won the bid (he came in lowest), and immediately Jeff started asking about the deposit for the check. He would reach out multiple times a day and even drove to my house to pick it up so that he could “buy materials”” so I provided the deposit on the job for $16

Tags: Builders & Contractors, Construction, Home Improvement Handyman

Address: 000 and he because a ghost almost immediately.The renovation on my property was a full cosmetic overhaul

Website: but of course he wrote 2 bad checks of over $5

Phone: but Jeff only did 10-15 hours of work over the course of 3 weeks. He kept making excuse after excuse

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