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Complaint: A friend who works with law enforcement recently informed me that my drivers license has flags on it. I asked him what the flags were. He told me they were flags that mention that I am a threat to law enforcement, and that I am a dangerous individual. He asked if i had ever assaulted a cop. I told him no. He asked if I knew anyone or was associated with anyone that has ever assaulted a cop or law enforcement officer, and I told him not that I’m aware of. He then said I need to contact the police agency and ask why those flags are on my drivers license. So i did. But the sheriff wasn’t available and the person that answered the phone asked what this was regarding. I told him, I would rather speak to the sheriff in person about this. I was told he would call me when he gets in. I waited and waited and got no return phone call. I called back and mentioned who I was and if I could speak to the sheriff about an issue and the sheriff once again was out of the office. I decided to contact a local attorney who told me that they would have a conflict of interest in going against the sheriff. I contacted several other attorneys who also said the same thing. I sent the info about the flags on my drivers license to several attorneys who also told me that they would have a conflict of interest because they are good friends with the sheriff and the officers in my area. So I sent a complaint to the Attorney general. I was told to contact a private attorney. I have noticed that I am being watched closely by local law enforcement as well as being followed by cops when I drive anywhere. I have NEVER been convicted of anything that would warrant this kind of treatment from law enforcement. I’ve had some speeding tickets but those were paid. I’m not involved in any kind of criminal activity, nor have I made any threats to law enforcement. My car has been searched several times during traffic stops, even when I told the officers that I don’t consent to searches. I have been asked on several occasions of I have anything to hide in my car, and threatened that I would go to jail if I refused to let the cop search my car. I have also discovered that my drivers license has been flagged by other local police agencies. Again, I have never been convicted of any of the offenses they mention on the flags. I have tried to contact everyone who could possibly help resolve this issue and to no avail. I was told by one attorney,the flags are a way to protect police officers. Okay, but what about my rights? I was also told that if I’m under surveillance that as long as I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I don’t have anything to worry about. Uh well in my opinion I do because I now have a lack of privacy which is also a violation of my 4th Amendment rights. I don’t know if the whole town knows about these flags, but i have noticed my neighbors and everyone else in the area acting suspicious when I’m around. In my opinion, whoever put these flags out did it maliciously and recklessly. In my opinion, my life could be in danger if I ever get pulled over by a trigger happy cop! In my opinion, if someone like me who has never been convicted of anything more than traffic violations, has officer safety bulletins out , then who else have they flagged? How many lives are in danger because someone had some kind of disgreement with someone who works for the county? In my opinion, these flags are basically a way of convicting someone without due process or even a FREAKING TRIAL! Which is in my opinion a violation of the 6th Amendment. They are also a way to bypass 4th Amendment rights when in a traffic stop. If there is an attorney who can help me, please leave your information below. I will be happy to contact you and send you the information and documents regarding this issue. Anyone else who is reading this and had had issues with law enforcement harassment, you may want to send a request to the local police department to see If you have flags or officer safety bulletins out on you. Hopefully by posting this, it will bring awareness to corruption and using labels in other police agencies.

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

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Phone: 580-228-2375

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