Jeisa Rivera – Middletown, Ohio Ohio


Her name is Jeisa Rivera and her background as being a sl&t,trashy home wrecker is extensive. Let’s start by saying that this POS truly enjoys to ruin marriages and families. So far she has tried to destroy not one, not two, but three marriages. She’s so miserable in her own married life, (yes! this f$cking wh&re is married) that she’ll do whatever on earth to ruin whoever seems to be happier than her. She has cheated on her husband sooooo many times, they ended up moving to Centerville, OH as he whole town knew the type of trashy woman she was and the poor guy (her husband) couldn’t handle the shame. She’ll make friends with the wife and act like an innocent and kind person that worries about everyone! If you’re married she’ll invite you to her children’s bday parties while behind your back she is screwing your husband! || Yeah that’s how sick she is! She’ll sleep with your husband in your bed and even in her own bed while her kids are in the living room watching cartoons. All while she sends messages to your FB saying how pretty your family is and how blessed you are. She’ll come to you bragging about the things she “has”when in reality she’s the lowest scum ever that is just too low to carve out a decent way to live. She’ll try to pretend she has some brain when in reality she’s a parasite that doesn’t contribute to this society and takes advantage of every single government help by lying about her house income. If you and your husband have some money you’re a potencial target as this nasty bit$&, gold digger wants to enjoy the luxuries that belong to you and your family! This skeezer lacks of meaningful goals and a purpose in life. Her only purpose in life is sleep with married men. She doesn’t feel remorse of anything, she’ll brag about how good she is in bed (this part cracks me up! Ex lovers say she’s a mummy in bed) and that you’re husband is in love with her not you. She’ll will taunt you, she’ll tell you all the the details about your husband affair with her.

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