Jeld wen windows Wellington Colorado Review


I have Caradco windows in my home. Two of the windows have lost their seal between the glass. All of the other windows leak air, the frames are twisted, the guides are broken and the screens have all been blow off. nUpon Contacting Jeld Wen, who bought out Cardaco and assumed all of the warranty claims, I find out I must PAY for a person to come to my home and verify the issues. Which I would be fine with, but the company will not state if they will stand behind any and all issues with the windows. They did mention they may give me 50% off on the windows that the seals broke in but I have to install them myself. I do not know how to replace a 3′ x 5′ picture window.nSo what it boils down to is the warranty is a joke in my opinion. And the windows are very over priced for the quality. If you have a choice between buying these windows or windows from Wall-Mart, Get the Wal-Mart brand at least you know you are buying a cheap product.

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