Jen Kaneshi – San Diego, California California


This disgusting peice of human garbage slept with my husband on a work trip for Kelar Pacific, knowing I was pregnant. She has the body of a starving third world boy-child, adult braces and wears color contacts in 2017. She also still lives with her boyfriend! I’m sad my marriage is over and I’ll now be a single mother, but she’s so unfortunate looking and void of moral fiber that in time, this will be humorous. How a man could leave his gorgeous and near perfect wife for such an unremarkable peice of human feces is truly mind blowing. The greatest revenge is knowing how much better off I will be with my beautiful child, half of his money, and all of my pride while the best days of his life are behind him and she will always be a subpar looking, karmically doomed f#*king loser.

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