Jena Bruen – Bronx, New York New York


This woman has tried to sabotage my life. She wasn’t raised in the Bronx, but turned out to be a nightmare in the Bronx. She slept with my husband and gave him gonorrhea. She has two children. One is doing well, but the other is not. Jena Bruen was getting high throughout her pregnancies and blames her sex addictions with women’s husband on the drugs. She is very heavy and you can smell when she’s been around. She is missing teeth. And is going after still my husband and I’m sure some of your husbands as well. Please don’t get fooled. She plays the innocent role and cries about her drug habits. || She is the most heartless most nastiest no self esteem white trash woman that I know. You make east Tremont in Mapes look even trashier. I caught her kissing my husband on the 3rd floor,. And her words were “you don’t swallow like I do.” .She’s even went as far as sending pictures of her giving my husband oral. Jena Beth Bruen, please leave these men alone and at this point, you can have my husband you gave him gonorrhea anyways. And for him to cheat on me with you just turns my stomach. || Your way of living is destroying your family’s life including those two kids you call yours. And get a job gir,l it won’t hurt. You just turned 34 in July. Girl keep yourself busy instead of trying to get from a man. Low life

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