Jenn L. Pecoraro – Tonawanda, New York New York


This is Jenn Pecoraro, she is a nurse at Mercy Hospital of Buffalo NY. She had an affair with a married doctor, he left his position there. The male doctors needs to be warned of her actions and the level she went to, first to win the affections of the doctor, then the level she stooped to in order to ruin his marriage and harm his career after he cut off all contact with her. She was very accommodating and extremely flattering to the doctor at first, she started to unravel when the doctor’s wife found out about the affair and confronted him. He told Jenn that he wanted to save his marriage, but Jenn continued to contact him to “make sure” that it was really what he wanted to do. The affair continued another 8 months, with them continuing to sneak around, but because his wife now knew and he wasn’t leaving her, Jenn decided to start posting about the affair on her Instagram account. She would post pictures of her dogs but with comments of where and when the two of them were meeting or just post with hashtag messages directly to him. The more he tried to pulled away from her the more she escalated her behaviors. She moved onto threats, called him while he was at work and told him her boyfriend was coming to his house to beat him up. When he didn’t do as she demanded, she then threatened to post affair pictures and messages on Instagram. SEXTORTION. Shortly after, two public accounts appeared matching email accounts she used to maintain contact with him. Both were set up to appear as though the doctor was posting. One had over 50 affair pictures (one with his name on a patient board at work, another his pager number and badge) the other account was affair emails and portions of the doctor’s private therapy journal from one of his hacked email accounts. She told him that she drove by his house, then a picture from the road outside of his house showed up on one of the affair accounts. Those accounts were forced private by Instagram for impersonation. Later, the profile pictures of those accounts were changed to a photo of his wife which was copied from his daughter’s account. At that time Instagram took the accounts down. She ramped up on her personal account (heavily starting August 19, 2017 because she discovered the doctor was on a family vacation) and posted “message” memes and over 100 of her “secret” hashtag messages about the affair, but added them to dog pictures so followers wouldn’t notice. The affair hashtags are the last ones in her sea of hashtags on each post. #WeNeverStopped (over and over and over) #MaybeForAWeek #SomeThingsNeverChange #StillInLove #HeNeverLovedYou #HeOnlyLovesMe #WeAreInLove #HeWillAlwaysLoveMe #HeTellsMeHeLovesMeEveryDay #AlwaysAndForEver #HeLovesMe #HeWillNeverLoveYou #StillTogether #Forever #CrazyInLove #CantStop #NeverGoingToStop #HeLoveMe #AndAlwaysShowsIt #ForeverInLove #MakeLoveLast #SorryNotSorry #MusingsOfAFosterMom #DontSayIDidntWarnYou #ItllAllComeOut (previous two hashtags appeared shortly before the affair Instagram accounts started posting pictures) #HesJustNotThatIntoYou #YouWereNeverAnythingToSee (these two previous were left after viewing his wife’s account) #LeaveMeAlone (this one was left after his wife posted on her own account for Jenn to stop trying to communicate with them) #FocusOnYou #FuckUpAndRepeat #HotelPillows #NotTodaySatan #SexAndChewySpree #CanYouBlameHim #WhatDump? #KeepTrying #DiamondsAreForever (she previously posted a pic of herself wearing “diamond” earrings and said he bought them) #Jane #LoveOfMyLife #Forever #Truth #Princess #JaneDoesYoga (she named a foster dog in his honor) #YouCantForceLove #DontCompete #DontBeJealous #MoreInLoveEveryDay #WeAreCrazyInLove #Karma #FuckGreed When she didn’t get a response there, she sent a threatening email to his WORK account from a new hotmail account she set up. He had all of her known emails and phone number blocked. He had to involve the IT department at this point. In the email she threatened a civil/criminal suit against his wife. Hmm, could that be a threat of extortion in order to get him to respond so she would drop her “case”? All the “evidence” she referred to in this threat was distorted. His wife has texts Jenn referred to, and they are very different from the story Jenn was telling. Again, no response from the doctor and oddly, about a week later she made an Instagram post from a salon around the corner from his location, his appointment was nowhere near his work, home, her home or the hospital. It was too much of a coincidence so he got help to wipe his phone clean to remove any tracking apps that may have been installed secretly on his phone. Another strange occurrence was a few days after the affair Instagram accounts were taken down by Instagram for impersonation. The doctor received a text on his new phone number that appeared to be his wife. His wife’s number had been spoofed and the message sent was, “This is account, you should know what it is.” Hmm, Instagram takes down the accounts and he gets this? Could it be that she abused her position at Mercy, called his hospital from hers asking for the doctor’s number as a nurse? Beware of this bunny boiler, the easy sex is not worth what she will do if she doesn’t get what she wants.

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