Jenn Mosby – Boise, Idaho Idaho


Jenn Mosby was the flat chested homely girl in high school so you would never think she would have such a gigantic ego. I remember she used to sleep on the floor in her parents disgustingly fithly house chain smoking cigarettes and screwing much older guys. Flash to years later and she’s screwing every guy in a relationship she can get her bony fingers on. There’s a running joke in town about how bony her a$$ is and how horrible a roll in the hay with her is. She was always jealous of me and my full figure but I had no idea because she was so insignificant to me. Well that didn’t last long because she started to text my boyfriend behind my back, send him pictures, and after he beat the living daylights out of me, she f#*ked him and dated him. A couple years later I met a woman at a party who’s boyfriend was screwing a bony jezebel, guess who it was?? This woman told me that she had just met another woman who’s longterm boyfriend cheated on her with who else but Moldy Jenn Mosby. Apparently Jenn only likes them taken, then she bullies the girlfriends, she’s a cowardly rotton human being. Stay far away. Now she calls herself an actress because she screwed her way into a part in a local movie. She’s absolutely vile and pathetic and hasn’t gotten work since 2011. Looking at that aged from cigarettes face, you can see why.

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