Jennie Sullivan Waukon, Iowa Iowa


My boyfriend has been known to cheat and this women is most recent. They knew each other in the past and she moved.  When she moved back my boyfriend became friends with her ex boyfriend that she has a child with and this child got very close to me and my boyfriend. My boyfriend and this nasty homewrecker starting talking again and one night her son tells me that my boyfriend and his mom are friends again. I know this guy cant have friends that are girls without trying to screw them first whether they let him or not. She gave him her number and tried telling her son that he is his new step dad (which he already had a step dad she was still with in a different town and excuse me but this man is taken whore! Also she is a horrible mother!) || I went into his phone and deleted her number for him and he still hasn’t got it back yet but now this dumb cunt is calling me all these nasty names when I never did damn thing to her and I didn’t even know her until all this bullshit happened. They are still pretty friendly together when my boyfriend thinks I’m not watching but I am always watching.  I’m not stupid. I know whats going on just got to wait for the right time to slap a bitch! ugh!

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