Jennifer Anderson – St.louis, Missouri Missouri


Jennifer Anderson is a crazy nut. She is bi-polar and BPD and doesn’t take her meds. She slept with her X-husband’s brother and she slept with mine and brags about it! She has had over 100 sexual partners although most of them were just using whatever hole was offered at the time (and they are all available). She is the constant victim so do not believe anything she says, especially if she is befriending you. She is a compulsive gambler and has comps at all the casino’s and hotel’s in STL. She lives at home with her mom who let’s her come and go at will all while leaving her on to be raised by his grandparents. She is more like a distant Aunt to her son. Ladies she enjoys sleeping with married men so watch out. If her mouth is moving it’s either lying or blowing someone.

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