Jennifer Carrigan – Saint Charles, Illinois Illinois


This bitch. She started out as just a “booty call” as it turns out but “begged” him not to fall for her, but is “so sorry it turned into this” with my sisters husband. They had been happily married for 2 years when he decided to seek out a new venture. She knew that he was married and actually admitted “to knowing” when she went into her “relationship” with him. She finally manned up and “broke it off with him” but middle of the same day decided she wanted him back so instead of telling his wife all the bs of wanting her back, he sat HARD on that fence waning between them both once she reckoned him back once more. By the way, she has a “fiance” that she has been dicking around these past few months (at least) since she has been running around with my brother in law (not for long). I hope her boyfiance sees this and recognizes her face. She is unwilling to be a better person than this and deserves all the haters hoping for her maximum destruction!

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