Jennifer Chou – Queens, New York New York


Jennifer Chou… She used to show herself on Twich and Instagram. She has lot mental issues: She’s a nympho, psychotic and very very insecure. She has a boyfriend but she cheat on him because she has a huge sexual appetite. She lives at College Point in Queens NY. She’s a 36yo who lives with her parents because she has no job and she’s mentally unstable. She think people wants to hurts her including her boyfriend “Greg”. Oh, her boyfriend pays her credit cards and her phone bills because Mr Chou don’t want to pay her bills. She share her nudes on the internet. She also stalk and harass guys who don’t want her on the internet using fake nicknames. When she was living in Brooklyn, people knew her as a slut. Someone even wrote “WHORE” on the door of her parents place. What a shame! If you ever date of sleep with her, close your eyes when she will spear her legs… Her overused pussy tells a lot about her life…

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