Jennifer Davis – Dixon, Tennessee Tennessee


When you invite a lesbian friend to visit for the weekend and open your home, you shouldn’t have to say your husband is off limits!! Jennifer Davis has been in a serious relationship with her girlfriend Melissa, for over 10 years. Jennifer likes to visit family and friends in Ocala FL, and while here decides she is no longer a lesbian and fools around with men, and even worse married men. She was planning a whole life with my husband and even went as far to as telling him she wanted him to move to Tennessee and start a family with him! They didn’t have a long affair, just a night of making out and groping, and a few weeks of hidden conversations, before I found out and put a stop to it. I kicked my husband out and started looking into divorce. He was only gone for 2 weeks, and still talking to me about working things out. Meanwhile, she went from a make out session, to marriage and family in 2 weeks. Then when my husband decided she was crazy and wasn’t what he truely wanted, and was willing to seek marriage counseling, she starts threatening to hurt herself cause she can’t live without him. I made her girlfriend aware of everything going on by posted it all to their Facebook pages.

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