Jennifer Donahue – Blackwell, Oklahoma Oklahoma


This fat bitch ruined my marriage of 20 years. She not only stole my husband she also cheated on her husband. She split up my family and hers. She is emotionally unstable. Threatens to kill herself when she doesnt get her way. She always pimps her self out to truck drivers. They call her a lot lizard behind her back. My daughters told me they over heard her and their father talking about her giving him an std. The ex is also secretly wondering if his “son” is actually his. Stay away from this crazy bitch not only will she get you in debt, threaten to kill herself, she will cheat on you constantly. Derrick if you are reading this you messed up big time. I hope you happy with that fat cow. Everyone laughs behind your back, our daughters hate her. Oh, she will sell you some propane alright, and a little extra something something if you want it. I know it has been five years since we divorced but god damn grow a pair of balls and leave this bitch.

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