Jennifer Escobar – Caldwell, Idaho Idaho


This 27 year old sleaze was still living with her ex-boyfriend (my husband’s “good” friend) when she started shamelessly flirting with my husband, whom she knew had a wife and 3 kids at home. They started sleeping together in her car in remote places so neither I nor her ex would find out. My husband of 17 years left me and the kids, saying he was moving into his buddy’s house and paying half the mortgage for 2 rooms (which I assumed was for when the kids visited), but after my young daughter caught her father and Jen on the living room floor together in the middle of the night, the truth came out! They had been fooling around for months before we found out. Her ex moved out once he found out about both of their betrayals. Then my husband tried to come back to me 3 times, claiming that Jen was a cold fish in the sack, pretty hairy, and that she must have weighed a lot in the past because her skin and breasts were saggy. (Nice, huh?) I spoke with her and she admitted she knew he was married with 3 kids, but she didn’t care enough. Despite the fact that he tried to dump her three times, this pathetic little girl let him come back (after I rejected him)- I can only assume to pay her mortgage since he had told all of us that he didn’t love her, that she was just a terrible mistake. Her self worth costs $350 a month plus utilities. All for a guy nearing 40 with braces, balding and graying hair, 3 kids that know her as “Whore”, and a body that lost all its muscle once he started screwing her. He looks like a tweaker. They are so ashamed of their relationship that they continue to hide out in her place, never have pics together on social media, and block out everyone he knows (including his own family!) from his life so he doesn’t have to hear the truth about his trampy choice. Her excuse is that she is “private” and doesnt want to be involved with “his drama”. Lol-then maybe you shouldnt have SLEPT WITH A MARRIED MAN, you stupid twit!! In the meantime, she tells him she likes to go out on drives “alone to think”. The poor idiot probably doesn’t realize she has other guys on the side…

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