Jennifer Fendley Salter – Pensacola, Florida Florida


My dad has been cheating on my mom & accusing her of cheating but she didn’t! We went to visit my sick grandma, no show… my sister’s graduation party… he couldn’t be bothered to attend. He finally decided to let me visit after not bothering with me for over 4 months then when I visited him he paraded his HOMEWRECKER Jennifer Fendley Salter in front of me and they even slept together during my visit. Sad because when we left he was sleeping with my mom… less then a week later he had moved in with her, after they both trashed the home I live in ?? || He stopped supporting us because my mother reported that Jennifer gave me smokes, weed, & wine. This man who said I was the most important thing in his life should defend his child, instead he called me a liar & defends that woman & screamed at me on my birthday for telling the truth about his drug-addicted girlfriend Jennifer Fendley Salter. Total homewrecker & deadbeat. Grateful for an amazing hardworking mother. He never deserved a woman like my mom. I included a message that proves she gave me smokes… what kind of a woman needs a child as a friend? A maniacal lying cheat one… they make a perfect couple.

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