Jennifer Josephson – Watford City, North Dakota North Dakota


My husband, Dave Servinski and I have been married for 2 years, and it has been a rocky 2 years at that. He always said he would change and even though he admitted he was a liar he swore he would not cheat on me. Well that was a big lie too. In October of 2017 we had gone to Arizona for a wedding… 2 days afterwards Dave had taken Jennifer Josephson and her daughter to the pumpkin patch in Bismarck. They would look like the happy couple with the little girl, other than the fact that my husband was very married. || She knew he was married and two weeks later when I found out through Facebook because she was posting pictures of them together in Minneapolis at the Mall of America and the Minnesota Vikings game with her daughter. She stayed in the hotel room with my husband and her five-year-old daughter. What a Class Act. Jennifer was posting pictures of all the wonderful things my husband was doing for her and marking off all the things on her bucket list. She also spent a long weekend with him in Vegas for his daughter’s 21st birthday which I was supposed to go to but he decided to take her. Of course I left and moved back home to Louisiana. Ladies if you run across Jennifer Josephson I suggest you run in the other direction especially if with your husband, because she is looking for a sponsor to check more things off her bucket list.

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