Jennifer L. Portillo – South Gate, California California


My best friend’s fiancÚ cheated with this homewreker. This person knew that this fiancÚ was engage to my best friend, regardless like every typical street hoe she didn’t care. She pursuit my best friend fiancÚ until she wiggle her ass in and score a home run. My best friend clueless to what was going on at that time continue her happy go lucky personal. Little by little this affair between that homewreker and the fiancÚ continue my best friend started to notice weird behavior patterns with her fiancÚ, he got moody, was tired most of the time, always broke, and always going out with friends and coming home late. One day he made a mistake he was showing my best friend some pictures from his phone and he left so she continued to scroll the gallery. Yes! That’s when she found proof of infidelity, that other woman’s photo with himself and her young child. Yes she has a child. Of course my best friend dismiss those pictures after all it were just pictures. || She also spoke with the fiancÚ and he told her it was just a friend he then deleted those pictures from his phone. Of course she trusted him since they had both been together for 11 yrs and finally they were going to tie the knot (which he did the proposing) Two months later the fiancÚ didn’t want to have any physical relations with my best friend so she started snooping because of the constant arguments for petty things amongst both and the lack of libido on his part and his distance he was not affectionate, and he was always hiding his phone. He was also turning off his phone at night with the excuse that his battery died which was an everyday thing. Well she found proof of what she was looking for and till this day the ex fiancÚ hasn’t told her the truth nor will he ever confess nor will he ever be sorry. He has left my best friend and started a new relationship with that homewreker. It has been a month since the separation, she has found out she is pregnant and she is thinking of abortion. || I have try to talk her out of it. She hasn’t gotten to a conclusion to what she wants to do but she has tried to get in contact with the ex fiancÚ to tell him about the pregnancy. He does not know she is pregnant and my best friend wants to meet him in person to tell him, but he never shows up when he agrees to meet up. She did once call the homewreker to tried to find out the truth but this hoe just laugh at her. That just show the malicious type of person she really is and her intentions towards the ex fiancÚ are not pure. Regardless the divine power of the Lord is at work here and it will prevail and both will get what they deserve.

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