Jennifer Lasensky – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


As you can see in the messages between Jennifer Lasensky and I- she believes she is in the right because they were together for 3 years even though they broke up August of 2017. She only came out after him now after he and I became official. See her attempts at extorting sympathy of him lying to her apparently? I saw what she sent him. She told him he could have the both of us. She lured him in with ideas of her and I being together in a threesome. Disgusting. Narcissistic behavior at its finest. Make yourself the victim of the situation you created! The kicker was she apologized to me for finding myself “in the middle” of those two! Me, in the middle? No. She created the middle by being a relationship wrecker. Despicable. Then she discovered I was pregnant and began whispering in his ear. The comment I left on her picture from her place of business explains that in full detail. I am 24. Dumped and pregnant with this man’s child because this woman has no boundaries, self respect, or morals. I am morbidly depressed with a high risk pregnancy that is a threat to my life. These were exactly the sort of stressors I needed, right? I’ve always been a fan of the high road, but now- spreading her misdeeds for others to see is the only thing that gets me out of bed in the mornings. I am angry and I am hurt and it pisses me off she can go on her merry way with zero consequences of the trauma she’s caused me.

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