Jennifer Lerae Newbegin – Fredericksburg, Virginia Virginia


Jennifer loves breaking up homes of married men that are employed with her. She slept her way to the Post Master position in the Falmouth, VA post office and has since broken up numerous marriages. She feeds on playing mind games and promising these men the opportunity to be promoted, while in reality breaking up their homes, ruining their lives with herpes, and using them. After giving them the ” I’m tired of being a piece of ass on the side” speech, she continues the affair, only to start harassing the wives of her lovers and later the cheating ass man as well. She knowingly gets into relationships with married men because of her lack of self esteem and self worth, then tries playing the poor poor pitiful me card, at some point in your life you should really just grow up, and in your late 40s is probably a good time for that. Your game is old, just like you, find a single man that is interested in contacting herpes and being in a relationship with a washed up lazy poor excuse for a woman and use your job to work and pay your own bills instead of ruining other people’s lives……

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