Jennifer Maupin Anderson – Chesterfield, Missouri Missouri


Jennifer Anderson is a pro at this… she has wrecked multiple marriages, and slept with multiple husbands. While she was married to her own husband her Elementary School boyfriend came back on the scene. What she did again to stalk and obsesse over him all over again. She even ditched her kid on Christmas Eve this year to be with this guy. I found out because her husband let me know what was going on. So now that she’s exposed she still is denying it and now she’s bashing everyone else has character. This woman is a constant victim. Everything is somebody else’s fault, there’s no ownership at all so don’t waste your time trying to explain anything to her. She has a gambling addiction. She’s 36 years old she sneaks her mom’s car out at night to go to the casino and blow the money she should be spending on her kid there. Watch out ladies she will stalk you… she is crazy, she diagnosed crazy, and spent time in mental institutions and does not take her meds.

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