Jennifer Nolton – Richmond, Virginia Virginia


This skank has no problem spreading her legs to get what she wants. She decided that even though she is married with a kid she doesn’t have custody of, she wanted what my friend had. She is a wh*** of the highest caliber. She trapped my friends ex by getting pregnant. The baby’s father is questionable, but she destroyed a 4 year relationship just so she could live in my friend’s house, steal everything from my friend and had the nerve to use my friend’s grandmother’s furniture to store her clothes, after she slept with my friend’s fiance. She’s nothing but a crack wh***. She’s a loser, user and a manipulative c***. Watch out, because she has no problem using her prostitution skills to steal your man if he can take care of her. I hope she rots in hell. She deserves nothing good in her life. I am sure her STD filled ass will be back on the crack pipe as soon as she delivers the lie in her belly.

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