Jennifer Pollard – Brooklyn, New York New York


This woman being a married woman herself went after my husband while seeing me in the gym with my husband and daughter. She came after my husband trying to act like the concerned “friend” but tried to get my husband to leave me for her. She was cooking , and sending items to my home for him, all while trying to take him on dates and telling him how see thinks about him while masturbating or having sex with her own husband. Come to find out this whore is known as the gym rat and fucking multiple men from there. She even had her man from Jamaica come to New York and introduced him to her husband as a family member. She is a nasty snake and home wrecker, she also bragged to my husband about her sister in law husband wanting her, she has NO MORALS. She sent these terrible pictures to my husband and actually thought he would leave me for her. No sweetie you put yourself out there to get played and watching a family from the sideline, now you get front row seats to your own feature.

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