Jennifer Ramsay Just – Woodbridge, Conneticut Connecticut


Jennifer Ramsay Just, from Woodbridge CT, NYC and The Putney School in Vermont.  This is a woman who devised a plan to hurt my 4 year old son and destroy his family. She even FLEW TO CALIFORNIA to see his family and took along with her photographs of me with him together to outrage his family (who don’t even know me at all).  John and I were together having a romantic Valentine’s Day and she was texting him harassing messages all night (he called it a barrage of messages) and saying cruel things. Out of rage she went to his families’ and caused trouble. She had no right to do this. He and I were together since Fall 2015 and she stopped at nothing to instigate trouble – and I find out she was seeing him behind my back the whole time. She destroyed what we spent 2 years rebuilding, and my son is completely devastated and having severe mental issues due to the abandonment from his father.  Jennifer admitted in writing she was behind this scheme. This is one sick woman, who would hurt a child in this way.

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