Jennifer Stevenson kyung other woman California


This picture proves Jennifer is nothing but a homewrecking mistress knowing damn well Alex was and still is married to post a picture with a date proving heís a cheater sheís the mistress is pretty damn ballsy. He was with his wife Koko when Jennifer met him and his wife Koko had their third child in 2012 hereís Jenniferís skank a55 posting when she met Alex in 2010. All I can say is WOW. I was a friend of Jennifer and the moment I found out she was messing with a married man I cut ties with her skank a55. She is a terrible person horrible mother almost got my ass in trouble hanging with her criminal ass. She is fake a manipulator a liar a thief and good at conning people. She smiles in your face holding on to her dirty secrets and lies that one day will surface and all you dummies that friended her are going to be left with wtf. Iím ashamed to admit I helped her and took part in her games she played against Koko but this was all before I knew it was Kokoís husband she was sleeping with and that I actually knew Koko and Alex. Finding out later he was the married man she was talking about rubbed my a55 the wrong way. I found all of this out later after cutting ties with her. Jennifer the way you got Alex will be the way you lose him. You know you were and are wrong for what you did. You hurt innocent people and children and fuked up their lives shame on you. Keep telling yourself true love you canít help who you fall in love with. You are wrong ainít nothing about your situation right and you know it.

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