Jennifer Willsie – Bakersfield, California California


Jennifer Willsie supposedly believes in God and lives her life for him, so how do you pray on married men! She works with only men and searches for the ones in high positions. My husband was number 4 that I know of. She has ruined many families because she’s not capable of taking care of herself. She sees how a man takes care of his wife and then stops at nothing to tear them apart so she can have what the wife had. She doesn’t even care of the man is being faithful to her or not! My husband has lied to her and never been faithful to her but she’s ok with it as long as she gets the material things she’s after. She does not care that there are children she’s hurting and taking stability from as long as she gets it for herself. If your husband works in Bakersfield and has a good job you might want him to stay away from her. She pretends to be a good girl but what good women would come into a family home while the wife’s at work and sleep with my husband in my bed or meet him in the bushes on the side of my house while my kids and I are sleeping. She’s trash and yes so is he for doing this. She is a really good manipulater so watch out for her.

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