Jenny Rohweder Fort Lewis, Washington Washington


Ok letís start out with how we came about to meet Jenny. She was staying at her brotherís house on post after having been beat up by someone elseís wife. Well she used to come to yard sales at my house that me and my friend would have. Well me and her started talking a lot and I thought she was a good person she told me about how she got beat up by this girl because she was messing around with her husband she said she didnít know they were married. || Well move onto she started coming around all the time telling me stuff that she had been on drugs and had been clean for a couple months. Well she had never been in my house before. We always just talk outside. Well one day she came down and I invited her in. She started talking about how hot my husband was. But she would never be homewrecker so me being me, still hung out with her.† A couple weeks went by and she started bringing her kids to my house and stuff. Well we went to a concert on post and we took her brother and his girlfriend with us well she tricked me in to giving her brother my husbandís number. || A day after the concert she started hanging all over my husband and calling me the other women. I would come down stairs and she would be like oh here is the other one. Well I freaked out and told her no I am the wife and she was like oh I am just messing with you blah blah blah. Well on May 4th 2012 my husband asked me to get him something from the house and she ran in and got it and was like oh here baby I got this for you. So i freaked out left and went to my friendís house. I got drunk came home and went to bed after I drank some more. Well May 5th she talked my husband in to going some were to talk well he took her at 11 pm at night. Left me with her kids And when they got back I flipped out got in a fist fight with my husband was going to call his Sergeant and the whole time this bitch fell asleep on my couch. Well I let him think I was dumb and listen to the story that they went to find her drunk brother when I knew the truth. I looked at her phone and knew she called no one and no one called her. || So around Motherís Day I was sure she was out of our lives because she had jail time to serve and we were moving off post and we should have been gone before she got out. Well that didnít happen. I found out she had been calling my husband daily. So again I freaked out and she said she put his number under my number and it was just a mix up. Well she finally left to do her Jail time we were moving on I thought. The one day I sent him on post to get a lot of our stuff for the house and he had been there a couple hours next thing I know she is calling me saying i knew you would be gone before i got out. And my husband brought her to our new house she was there for a while the whole time she would be sleeping with random guys around where we stayed still sleeping with her husband and 3 boyfriends she had and 2 of which were in a relationship. Well me and him got in to it one night and she took off talking about she is going to go find drugs bla blah blah. My dumb ass husband went after her. And couldnít find her because she found anther married guy and sleep with him. || She left for a while and right before my husband was getting ready to leave for deployment training she came back even after I told her we needed family time not to come. Well she stayed till about 2 hours before he had to leave. We went home and did out stuff and I took him and dropped him off on post. Well the next day she came over to my house because she said my husband asked her to take care of me. Later to find out that was bull shit he told her to stay away from me. Read the text in his phone. Well I also read the text in her phone the day she came over and the only one she had saved was one sent from my husbandís phone saying he loves her. So I freaked out and since her kids were at the house and mine I called her outside told her she had to leave and never come back. Well she left for a while when she came back I told her she could have my husband I didnít want him. She said she didnít want him they are just friends. I then told her she was never to call him or talk to him again and when he came home she was not welcome at my home. || She listened and never came around or called. Well she ended up trying to call me on the 4th of July right after my husband came home and we worked it out. I didnít pick up so she blew up his phone till I told him to pick up and put on speaker so he did. She asked what he was going to do he said stay with my wife and she was like good now where do you want to meet. He said nowhere and she hung up. Last either of us heard from her. || Well here is why I am exposing her. For a year I was told they never had sex. Well 4 weeks ago I found out that was a lie. 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant. I want to get this off my chest before my baby gets here. Because this will be our 3rd baby together and I forgave him.† He has nothing to hide any more I have all passwords and I am allowed on his phone whenever I want. But her I will never forgive she almost broke up my family and she still bothers me to even think about her touching my Man. Sorry so long just needed to get it out so I can get past this and move on.

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