Jeremiah White – Hermiston, Oregon Oregon


This ‘man’ Jeremiah White pretends to be a spiritual man that wants to live by the word of God. He does this so he can get in close to his targets. His favorite type is married, as he enjoys tearing families apart. He is a psychopath and I have to believe his own wife is in on it too because she supports his sick hobby of destroying EVERY relationship he comes into contact with. He puts on such a good show of love and kindness but does not have an ounce of it actually in his heart. I have never met such a despicable man and am sickened that this man has weaseled his way into so many lives merely so he can make them crumble. He gets more pleasure out of watching someone’s agony than he does from the affair. Beware letting this man or his wife near your family or friends!

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