Jerrell Banks & Kari Lynn Celestine – Sioux city, Iowa Iowa


These two Jerrell Banks & Kari Lynn Celestine started  a relationship while mister miyagi looking rat man had a whole woman pregnant at home. Not only taking care of her kids, but of his child from another woman. Loving his child like she were her own. She was just 12 weeks pregnant when she discovered this sleezeball sleezed her way into their relationship. Good luck Kari with that abusive, lying, cheating asshole! Hell do the same thing to you. Your son adores you so much. Yet does he know how much of a HOMEWRECKER his mother really is? Does he know that the man that you plan to have a future with and involve in his life would do such a thing to the woman carrying his child? Or that his mother is a side b!tch turned main? Both of you are trash. I hope you in turn get pregnant and the same exact thing happens to you. “Women” like you and your “man” don’t get nothing good out of life. When you do good people wrong. Even his daughter doesn’t even look happy with you.

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